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lobelia inflata

Lobelia Inflata/ Indian Tobacco

This year, 500,000 people will die from cancer. Learn about an herb, Lobelia Inflata also known as Indian Tobacco, that can help people stop smoking - after the "patch", "gums" and all willpower have failed. Lobelia is one of the great lifesavers, and it can cause people who have tried and failed, and failed again, to quit smoking for good.

* From Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary: lobeline (noun) : a crystalline alkaloid C22H27NO2 that is obtained from Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata) and is used chiefly as a respiratory stimulant and as a smoking deterrent.

* Doctor Terry Willard, a leading North American clinical herb specialist, author of 6 books on the subject of herbs and director of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary, Alberta said in an interview with the Ottawa Sun Newspaper, "expect a 40% success rate" with the Butt it Out™ capsules.

* To combat the effects of nicotine withdrawal, Michael Murray, N.D., of Bastyr College recommends lobelia due to its similar actions to nicotine but with a longer duration of action. He recommends lobelia as a suitable alternative to nicotine chewing gum or the nicotine patch.

How it works....the active ingredient of this herbal medicine mimics the effects of nicotine by stimulating the preganglionic nicotinic receptors and depressing them. The action closely resembles that of nicotine but is milder and non-addicting. Butt it Out™ is considered to be Mother Nature's alternative to nicotine replacement products. In layman's terms, the active herbal ingredient of this medicine, fools the body into thinking that you are smoking when you are not! 

This medicinal herb actually BLOCKS nicotine from reaching the brain's nicotine receptors, where the Nicotine High comes from! Scientists have proven that nicotine affects the brain and it is here where nicotine must be beaten. Our formula does just this without the use of chemicals. This all natural herbal formula supports the smoker in times of stress, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, and when other withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological, test the smoker. The main ingredient is also recognized as an appetite suppressant......good news for those people who are concerned about weight gain when they quit smoking. 

SAFE FOR TEENS: The only quit smoking aid that can say this legally! Statistics say that 80% of teen smokers have tried unsuccessfully to quit using the 'cold turkey' method. Help your teenager quit today! One out of two teens that continue to smoke, will die from it!

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Take 3 capsules daily. We recommend that you take 1 capsule a half-hour before each of your 3 daily meals. Many smokers find that their worst cravings for nicotine occur after they eat and this is why we make this recommendation. As smoking is one of the toughest addictions to conquer, we recommend that you continue taking the medicine for 3 months. The longer you are free of the nicotine, the better your chances of staying quit! This also gives your body some time to naturally expel the toxins and pollutants received from smoking.