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Butt it Out™ Press Release

Contact Info: Larry Kunkel - President of Paradise Promotions Ltd.





Quitting Smoking Just Got Easier for Canadian Teens

Oct. 08, 2011 - Huntsville, Ontario, Canada -- Paradise Promotions Ltd., the developer of Canada's first non-nicotine based quit smoking aid, Butt it Out™, announced today that it will shift it's marketing focus towards helping teenagers 13 to 18 years of age, to quit smoking.

This Health Canada approved herbal-based, over the counter medicine, is the only smoking cessation product that is safe for this age bracket because drug based treatments are not appropriate for them. Butt it Out™ is clinically proven to help the user by by easing tough withdrawal symptoms and reducing the desire to smoke.

The active ingredient of Butt it Out™ is the herb lobelia inflata, also known as Indian Tobacco. Historically, Native Americans smoked lobelia as a treatment for asthma and other chest ailments. More recently it has been found to be effective in treating nicotine addiction because of it's similarity to tobacco.

The major alkaloid in lobelia inflata is lobeline, and it has similar actions on the body as nicotine. Lobeline blocks nicotine from reaching the brain's nicotine receptors, where the nicotine high comes from. Lobeline binds to these cells and stimulates them in a similar way to nicotine but it is non-addictive. This is why it so successful in treating nicotine addiction.

Thousands of teenagers addicted to nicotine need help to get them off the weed. Within months of their first puff, most teen smokers try to stop smoking, but most can't quit. Besides going 'cold turkey', these teenagers have had little help in quitting. 75% of teen smokers have tried to quit but failed. 80% of adult smokers started before they were 18.

Tobacco companies target teens to replace the smokers who die off. They are very good at it. Every ten minutes two Canadian teens start smoking. Once a teenager becomes addicted and then tries to quit 'cold turkey', there is little that a parent can do but watch their child struggle through withdrawal - eventually to give up and start smoking again - and most do.

As an incentive for these smoking teens and their parents, the Company is offering the first money back guarantee of it's kind for an approved quit smoking aid. This guarantee will be in effect for all online sales at the company's website, Buttoutnow.ca.

Says Larry Kunkel, developer of this medicine, "In this particular market, no one has ever offered a guarantee before. I believe that Butt it Out™ has the highest success rate of any smoking deterrent and I am confident in making this guarantee. In fact, I recently heard from the owner of a British Columbia pharmacy that has carried my product for 10 years. He tells me that it has proven to be 80% effective in helping people to quit smoking."

Adds Mr. Kunkel, "I think that in most cases it will be the parents making the purchase for their teenager. Not many 13 or 14 year olds will have credit cards. I want these parents to feel that they can trust my company to deliver their kids from nicotine addiction - at no risk to their pocket books. Hence, the guarantee."

Over the next six months, radio, print and electronic media will be used to promote www.buttoutnow.ca where parents of teens can purchase this medicine.

The retail price for Butt it Out™ is only $39.95 for a 30 day supply. It is currently sold in hundreds of health food stores across Canada.

Butt it Out™ is in oral capsule form. It is convenient and easy to use: the user takes 3 capsules daily for 30 days. It is non-nicotine based, non-addictive, chemical free and has no known side effects. While nothing is more important than the smoker's commitment to break the nicotine habit, Butt it Out™ helps the quitter - safely, effectively, gently and naturally.

About Paradise Promotions Ltd.

Larry Kunkel, the President of Paradise Promotions Ltd. created Canada's first all natural smoking cessation medicine approved by Health Canada. He single-handedly developed this life-saving medicine and has been nominated for the Order of British Columba; the Manning Awards in Scientific Innovation as well as having the product's television commercial being nominated for a Bessy Award in commercial excellence. Most importantly, he has helped tens of thousands of smokers to finally quit the habit. (Corporate Website: www.Buttoutnow.ca)

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Contact Info: Larry Kunkel - President of Paradise Promotions Ltd.



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